About trout

Eat Trout Its
Good For You

Trout is called an oily fish due to the beneficial omega 3 fats, EPA and DHA that it contains.Precursors to these fats are found in some nuts, seeds and avocados,but the omega 3 fats in these foods rely on the body converting the fats to DHA and EPA.Eating oily fish(ex.trout)the fish have done the conversion for us so the beneficial oils are more readily available to the body.

Just 100 grammes of trout will provide over 1000 milligrammes of the EPA and DHA.These fats are vital for brain function and development,hormonehealth,fertility,skin,hair and nail health and energy.The omega 3 fats also have anti-inflamamatory effects so they are useful in inflammatory disorders such as arthritis

Trout is a good source of minerals including selenium and iron.Selenium is needed for thyroid function, fertility,removal of heavy metals and immune function.Iron is needed for energy production and hair and nail health to name just a few of its functions.

Trout is also a good source of vitamin B12,a vitamin that is poorly absorbed from supplements.B12 is needed for energy, muscle development, bone health, brain function, digestion and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.Trout contains also niacin (vitamin B3)which is particularly important for nervous system function and brain health.